AOL Desktop Gold Support Number
AOL Desktop Gold Support Number

AOL Desktop Gold Support Number USA 1-800-569-4120(Toll-Free)

AOL desktop gold support number will provide 24/7 support for AOL desktop, call on AOL desktop gold support toll-free telephone number to get live support. .0Navigate your AOL world flawlessly with AOL Desktop Gold. We’ve produced a faster, more secure experience while keep that recognizable look and feel that you’re used to. Start using AOL Desktop Gold right now for just $4.99 a month. AOL desktop gold is available for Windows and Mac both users. While using AOL desktop you face many problems to fix them call on AOL desktop gold support number USA for live help from experts.  

Why Choose AOL desktop Gold?

  • Improved Security– Our two-step verification procedure considerably helps stop your AOL account from being compromise by requires a second form of approval in addition to your password. Plus, additional encryption make the private information you’ve stored in AOL Desktop illegible to anyone attempting to embezzle it. 
  • Handy and Easy to Use– We reserved the design and features you love, to make sure a flat transition to our newest version. Your usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail will be transfer, along with your favorites and contacts. And with this account, you’ll never have to expend time install new updates—we’ll routinely restore old versions as new ones become accessible, saving you time and disk space on your computer. 
  • Live AOL Desktop Gold Support Number When You Need It– If you still have questions or require AOL Desktop Gold support, live AOL experts are there to help 24×7 via phone or chat. Get help with anything from setting up to toolbar customization, desktop connectivity and more, right when you need it.

AOL Desktop Gold was introduced to people as an upgraded version of the AOL Desktop. This particular software has an enhanced look while keeping intact the traditional overall feeling of AOL. Users feel very comfortable while using this as the interface is easy to navigate. They get familiar with the software very easily and it provides a sense of satisfaction due to its many new and upgraded features which include online security and protection. This software is ideal for those who are always multi-tasking. It eases the flow of work by allowing the user to access many programs from one single desktop. It limits the number of running programs thereby making on easy on the system as well. You can upgrade to this version of Desktop Gold through the official site, for help dial AOL desktop gold support phone number. You can also Install AOL Desktop Gold through the AOL Advantage Member Plan, or through AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription or by calling AOL desktop gold support toll-free number. It also requires a set of requirements which the host computer or device should provide. You can check out the system requirements on the official AOL website. This is the perfect software for all your daily browsing, streaming and email activities.

Some common problems of AOL Desktop Gold Software

While the features are captivating and enticing, yet you will also find certain faults with this software as you continue using it. And although there are many ways to prevent and solve these errors, it is inevitable and you cannot ignore them. Some of the common issues or problems with desktop gold are mentioned below to get help reach on AOL desktop gold support telephone number for instant support.

  • After you install AOL Gold Desktop Software, the computer becomes very slow and becomes unresponsive at times and takes up a lot of time while starting up.
  • You will notice that the AOL email icon keep disappearing from the desktop screen and sometimes it takes a while to bring it back.
  • Because there is no manual update necessary due to the automatic update feature, users need to keep opening the software every now and then even when they don’t have to use it.
  • AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working
  • How to Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold Software on Windows or Mac
  • How to install or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold
  • The desktop gold software tends to freeze and stop working without any warning.
  • The AOL email service also becomes unresponsive and shuts down while trying to attach certain files in the email.
  • Connecting to the internet or going online becomes a hassle.
  • You will also face error while trying to install the software on your computer due to certain technical issues.
  • AOL Gold Automatic update not working, to help dial AOL desktop gold support phone number USA.
  • Restore Disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon
  • How to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS